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Important news: brand new blog!

 Hi everyone So we have a new name: Birmingham Embroidery and Textile Art. It's an exciting time as we start as an independent group and look to the future. It's sure to be every bit as good as the old group and of course, once we get to meet up in person, it will be even better! This blog is also having a spring-time makeover and has a new home at: (Thank you to Bev for the beautiful daisies in our new banner). To continue getting updates by email you'll neeed to subscribe to the new blog. Click on this  link , click on  'Home' and enter your email address. Let us know if there any problems at all finding the blog's new home and do send in anything you think would be of interest for other members. It would be great to make it a place where we can share inspiration and information and show off our skills and projects!  Talking of skills and projects, here's a perfect collection of April's Stitch of the Month: A

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