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Weekly news round-up

Hello everybody. We're trying a round up of news every Friday. There's always a lot going on, so it will  be good to catch up on a regular basis. Liz has supplied some ace links for videos (see below) and it would be great to have this as a regular feature. So if you see anything you think we'd all enjoy, please let us know

 The new travelling books season starts soon. The aim is to bring your book to the November meeting with a piece you have made yourself in your book, ready to pass on to the first person on your list.  The only stipulation is that your piece must include some element of stitch. If it's your first time, the book is free.

Here's  a few highlights from the travelling books on display last Monday.   We are a talented bunch!

The quality of our raffle bags is always exceedingly high and October's black and white bags were no exception. Next month the colour  is silver so have a rummage for silver goodies to bring along. Looking ahead, we still need …

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