Friday, 12 September 2014

Inspiring September Meeting

September Members Workshop  Guild Portfolios

Wow we had the chance to be up close and personal with 3 of the guilds portfolios. Members passed around the folios, many photographers  and some sketchers whilst others just chose to look and be inspired.
The new lights had their introduction and came in very useful.

Janet sketching

We are expecting great things for next years branch competition ' Inspired by The folios'.

There was also a lot of interest in the books, created to help blind children, bought along by Elizabeth, some were Elizabeth's own creation others by members of Solihull Branch. The books are now ready to go off and be transcribed in Braille and will then go to a library to be lent out to individual children and schools.

A book already transcribed in Braille

And this moths pink raffle bag (or was it not!) won by Janet

See you next monh for the AGM, The 'Brown Raffle' and Claire Muir will talk to us about Hats, Flowers and Fascinators

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