Regional Day 2016

There were many cakes and biscuits for regional day, including this fabulous centre piece from Angela.

We had a super day hearing from Terry Murphy who spoke openly about the challenges facing the guild and shared stories of his time as CEO.  He was an engaging speaker and everyone enjoyed listening to a snap shot of life in HO.

The Lunch break was a great opportunity to mix and chat with friends old and new, shop, look at the work on display from members throughout the region and vote in the members choice competition.  It also gave Cas Holmes a chance to select competition winners and we were delighted to have two branch members walking of with prizes - Meriel with her collage and Marion Brown and her delightful stump work bird, I hope they will bring them along to the July meeting for those who didn't get chance to go on the day to have a look.

After lunch we all enjoyed a fascinating talk from our guest speaker Cas Holmes who shared with us many interesting snippets of her career and her work and her true respect for the environment and how she, whenever she can, uses, reuses and makes the most of all she can find in her local environment.  Those of us were lucky enough to attend Cas's workshop the following day became even more aware this being encouraged to use what is around us as we develop our journals.

There will be lots more photographs to share from our 'official' photographer, these are just a few to wet your appetite.

Setting up

Thanks to all who contributed in many ways to a fabulous day, whether you made a cake, shifted tables and chairs, hung banners, sold from book stalls, raffle tickets or other merchandise, wore a sash and helped make all of our guests feel welcome or one of the many other taks and chores.


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