Friday, 25 September 2015

Helen McCook Goldwork Workshop October 10

There are still a couple of place left for this workshop - contact Margaret Richards or email if you would like to come along.
For more information and pictures, please see Helen's Facebook page and her RSN page.

It is suitable for everyone, Helen is providing a kit for the materials, i.e. the metals, fabric and threads. 

Additionally please bring:
An 8 inch ring frame preferably or a 10 inch if suits. 
A velvet board (for cutting gold on) or a bead mat or a piece of velvet (approx 6-8 cm square)
A small sharp pair of scissors that they are happy to cut gold with.
A range of needles just in case they struggle with the ones that I will provide.
A pencil/pen/notepad just in case they wish to make additional notes.

We are in the classroom which is passed the kitchen at the back of the hall.
The workshop starts promptly at 10am, however please arrive early to help set-up as a lot of the usual committee members are not attending this workshop so will not be there to set-up. 

Tea and coffee will be available but do bring your packed lunch.

Monday, 21 September 2015

September meeting

Sarah Burgess spoke to us about her life and work.

Sarah told us how she had always loved art at school but her plans to go to college had changed when her life took a different path becoming a wife and mother.

Sarah joined a local drawing group and eventually a group at Chesterfield college which turned out to be a City and Guilds embroidery course and having completed parts one and two went on to teach the course.

We learned of 2 main interests throughout Sarah's work- gloves and their link to hands  seeing  the life story develop through these items. Sarah was able to look at the history of glove making and tracked down retired glove makers to learn about there history.

Living close to the old Matlock baths Sarah had been interested in the broken crokery which came from the into a stream through her garden, she showed us photos of work that she had completed, cleaning and arranging broken fragments - this led to further work reassembling pieces of broken pottery and using fascinating ways of putting things back together.  Whilst telling us of this Sarah also spoke of the connection she felt through her work and her aunt who had become ill and was suffering.

We then learned about Sarah's work on her MA as she was able to go to college and complete her degree many years after she had originally planned.  She was enjoying her course when her husband became seriously ill whilst abroad and whilst Sarah waited until he was well enough to travel she found inspiration in the inadequate sewing kit she aquired and start looking at other items such as the simple first aid kit.

Sarah has now completed her degree and is set to continue her and exhibiting. She works and exhibits with the Textile Study Group and you can follow this link to their website for more information textilestudygroup.
Remember to see Margaret to sign up for Sarah's workshop

This months raffle was Violet and we had the normal excellent response from members with contributions for the beautiful bags.

Lorna has next years bags ready so remember to sign up with her to create your own bag for a raffle, especially if you have not had the chance before - it is great fun and we all enjoy seeing the many varied creations.

See you on October 12 for the AGM, Bren Boardman and the Bronze Raffle bag.

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Washwood Heath Research Project

We were interested to hear from Qulsom Fazil about the research project into creative activities improving mental and physical health and well being that she is working on.

If you are interested in joining Anne Haigh and supporting her on one or more of the Tuesday sessions helping to create a tapestry from work the ladies have created please email Anne and she can liaise with you. 

Examples of work created by the group

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

September meeting notices

Welcome back after the summer break. Tonight we have our guset speaker Sarah Burgess talking about her work and this will be followed by a work shop in November. Dont forget to sign up with Margaret.
It is that time of year again and Anne Haigh and Jeanette Hunter are working hard with subscriptions in the lobby. Please see them for a form or to hand in your form/cheque but do note the information about bank account changes if you intend to pay by bank transfer.
Bank account change
We have a new sort code for our bank account however it is not operational until 21st September so please don’t be in a rush to submit your payment as it won’t go through correctly until after 21st September.
If you want to pay your subs in September then a cheque will be fine, or pay electronically AFTER 21/09/2015, you can still hand your form to Anne or Jeanette toinight.
Any cheques I receive will not be sent to be processed until after 21/09/2015 either as the cheque processing centre is changing as well.
If you have the guild set-up as a known Payee on your bank account you will need to delete or edit it before using it after 21/09/2015.
The NEW code is 60-83-01 if you want to edit the payee information.
West Midlands Region AGM Saturday 26th September 2015
Do you want to go to the AGM? It is in Craven Arms, Shropshire. Muriel Campbell, Chair of the Embroiderers’ Guild Board of Trustees will be introducing an exciting consultation of members about membership structure, the role of the branches and the role of the regions. Lunch is provided (soup and crusty bread followed by apple pie). In the afternoon Bobby Britnell will be speaking.
Nominations for Embroiderers’ Guild Trustees
I emailed details of the call for nominations for trustees of the guild. Any member is able to nominate people to become trustees. There will now be 12 trustees and members have a much bigger involvement in the nomination and election of trustees.
AGM Birmingham Branch
Our AGM will take place at the meeting on 12th at 7.30pm. The agenda and nomintation forms are available tonight.
National Stitch Day August 1st Library of Birmingham
We had a lovely time stitching our own tea party and not a calorie in sight (apart from those delicious cafe cakes). There were 27 stitchers' including lots of visitors and 6 children who enjoyed stitching cupcakes (apart from the baby who slept!). We hope to see some of our visitors again either at the library or at branch meetings.
Capability Brown Project
During the summer Clare posted on the blog about an exciting national Embroiderers’ Guild project with the National Trust for the tercentenary of Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown. There are 42 national Trust properties that will hold embroiderers’ Guild exhibitions in 2016.
Birmingham, Leamington, Solihull and Tamworth branches are twinned with Charlecote Park. Between now and the end of the year you can visit free by showing your EG membership card. There are a number of links to Capability brown at Charlecote that can be used as inspiration.
There will be an exhibition of pieces in The Orangery Café at Charlecote from March to October 2016. Pieces should be mounted on A2, A3 or A4 artists’ canvases and can use any techniques you like. We would like to have 25 pieces altogether, so I hope you will feel inspired to join in.
Clare is away on holiday today, but she will tell you more about the project next month.
National Consultation
Papers will be published by the guild at the end of September as part of a membership consultation on membership structure, the role of branches and the role of the regions. The consultation will be from October to December with final papers being published in January. A single resolution will be put to the AGM in Manchester in April. This will require a 75% vote in favour and the same system of proxy voting will be used as was used this year.
Working with Pakistani Group in Washwood Heath
Qulsom Fazil is working with a group as part of a research project into creative activities improving mental and physical health and well being. She has asked for our help to go along to the Group on Tuesday mornings in October and November. The dates are 6th, 13th and 20th of October and then 3rd, 10th, 17th and 24th of November.

Anne Haigh is planning to to attend these sessions but would appreciate others coming along on 1 or more weeks as well.

They are hoping to do some stitching either on canvas or fabric and to work together to produce some form of hanging. There are two people already working with them however neither are embroiderers. Qulsom is intending to come along on Monday and bring examples of what they’ve already done earlier in the year. She is hoping some of this work can be incorporated into a hanging as well.
Could those interested please talk to Anne to arrange contact etc.
Quilters Workshop Kumiko Sudo ‘Conpaito’ and ‘Pinecone’ bag designs

Stuart Lightheart who came to several meeting and Library Saturdays has asked us to let you know that he is teaching a workshop on the Japanese bags that he was making on 31st  Otober for the Cotteridge Quilters. If you are interested there is a sheet to add your name to tonight – spaces will be limited.

Sunday, 13 September 2015

Message from the Guild CEO- Alan Titchmarsh 3-part TV Series on Capability Brown

As you may know the Embroiderers' Guild is a Festival Partner for the 300 Year Anniversary celebration of life and times of Capability Brown. We have secured 42 host venues throughout England and 3 pavilions at national shows in 2016 for exhibitions of members' pieces - your interpretations of gardens and landscapes. This will be a unique contribution to the festival organised by English Heritage, The National Trust and the Landscape Institute and a huge opportunity to showcase members' work and the artistry of stitch.
You may wish to tune to the More4 Channel on Thursday 17th September at 9pm for the first in a series of three programmes hosted by Alan Titchmarsh on the life and works of Capability Brown. Often called the 'father of landscape architecture' Capability Brown moved hills and sometimes entire villages, to create serpentine waterways and rolling vistas that have come to epitomise the English countryside ideal.
We felt that you may find the programme inspirational, informative and enjoyable.

Saturday, 12 September 2015

October workshop, Cotteridge Quilters

Stuart Lightheart who came to some meetings and joined us at the library is teaching a workshop on the Japanese bags that he was making on 31st October for the Cotteridge Quilters.

The workshop is for the Kumiko Sudo ‘Conpaito’ and ‘Pinecone’ bag designs. If you are interested there will be a signup sheet at the September meeting or email:

‘Conpaito actual size is about 4"

Pinecone actual size about 7"

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

September Branch Meeting - Sarah Burgess

Welcome back! We hope you've had an enjoyable and relaxing summer. At this month's branch meeting (14th September), Sarah Burgess will be coming to talk to us about her embroidery, where she is inspired by the fragments of everyday life, like discovering shards of broken pottery, and the people who once used these items.

Sarah has also been creating recent work using monoprinting, including dream landscapes. She will be returning to us in December to lead a workshop on this topic, so we hope you will feel inspired to join us for that.

Sarah Burgess - Landscapes of the Imagination
This months raffle bag will be Violet.

If you're new to the Guild, visitors are welcome, and the first session is free, with a charge of £4 thereafter. Please see here for details of where we meet. See you there!

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Library Saturday September 5th

It's library time again and we  are in our normal spot  on the Mezzanine floor above the library cafe from 11 am until about 2 pm (don't forget the library does not open until 11 am although the cafe is open downstairs from 9am).  Everyone is welcome to join us to bring any stitching projects you are working on whether you need a bit of help or encouragement or just want to join in the social event and carry on with your project. We will have felt, binca and other activities for both adults and children.

Even if you can only make it for an hours or so do come along to catch up, have a chat and a stitch.

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Requirements List - Landscapes of the Imagination with Sarah Burgess

We are looking forward to welcoming Sarah Burgess for a Landscapes of the Imagination workshop on Saturday 28th of November. The requirements list for the session is below:

Sarah will bring a range of papers, interfacings, fabric and print media for you to use for a fee of not more than £5 but it helps the individuality and independence of your work if you can bring some of the following personal materials and sources:
  • Personal landscape imagery to use as inspiration NOT COPYING – postcards / photos / magazine images / your own sketches / ariel views etc. 
  • We may also use the view from the studio windows (if helpful!)
  • Notebook / sketchbook
  • Personal text / words – whatever appeals – eg. photocopies of poems / songs / tickets / music script / old maps to cut up etc. (please do not photocopy maps!)
  • Pin up board – cork board / foam board - 1 x A2 if you have one.
  • Scraps and pieces of lightweight papers (whatever you have) handmade / coloured / tissues / newsprint etc.
  • Usual art kit to include, black pen, biros, few paint brushes craft knife, paper scissors etc.
  • PVA / glue stick /masking tape
  • Rubber print rollers -  if you have them
  • Latex gloves/ apron / overall (if you prefer to wear one)
  • Wet wipes or j cloth
  • Cutting mat
  • Medium weight calico or similar approx. ½ -1m.
  • Pieces and odd scraps of smooth lightweight fabric – recycled / cotton lawn / organdie etc.  – whatever you already have.
  • Small selection of scraps and snippets of bright coloured fabrics / lace / prints – snippets / selvedges / frayed bits etc.
  • Sewing kit, fabric scissors, needles, pins, 
  • Small selection sewing threads, machine and finer hand threads / stranded.
  • Any items you are particularly working with at the moment, e.g. small found items/ beads 
  • Plastic sheet to cover your table. Newspaper.
Click here for a downloadable version of this list.