Wednesday, 23 July 2014

July Notes

Branch Notices July 2014

Good evening everyone and we hope you enjoy the summer party. The following notices update you on a number of issues. Please contact any committee member tonight, or at any time if you want to discuss anything further.

Twenty Five Years. We are proud to say that Mary Smith has been a member (and a previous chair) of this branch for 25 years. Congratulations and thank you for all the work you have done and the help and advice you continue to provide.

Septembers meeting Heather will Chair as Bernadette is in Africa (and very excited about it). I am sad however to be missing the guild folios which should be a fantastic meeting. Come along to see beautiful work and be inspired and bring cameras and sketch books if you want to record inspirations. Next summer’s competition is inspired by the folios.

Membership renewal is happening in September and October. Forms will be available at those meetings. The national guild is raising the fee by £3. A document, explaining the challenges they face and their rationale for the future has been circulated to all members so that you can be fully informed. Those of us who went to the Regional Day heard the chief executive speak and were impressed by what he had to say. The guild does face real challenges nationally. For example sales of Stitch have dropped considerably (along with magazines generally) and this is a major part of their income. In order to slightly reduce the burden on local members the branch has decided that we will reduce our local fee by £1 this year, thus limiting the increase to members, so that the new rate will be £43

Cocomad: many thanks to all those who helped with making items and helping on the day. We had a lovely day and further publicised our meetings. Several children and adults stayed to stitch. Your work is now being enjoyed by lots of people who bought things, or who bought raffle tickets. We are able to make the reduction in local fees because we have been doing well raising money, via things like the Cocomad festival and through the raffle, We really need as much support as possible with branch activities, so please when volunteers are asked for or if you are asked to stich something think about whether you can help. Just a small contribution from lots of people makes all the difference.
Cocomad pictures are on the blog  Please use the blog to keep in touch over the summer A guide to accessing it has been produced a few copies of which are available at this meeting, but the document will also be emailed out to everyone.

If at any time you come across a possible speaker for a branch meeting please let one of the committee know, with full contact details especially email if possible.
If you can please work on your Tolkien pieces over the summer. We have had several lovely pieces of work already but lots of us haven’t got around to it yet (me included)

The DVD library is up and running. They will be £1 to borrow for a month, or this summer for 2 months so a bargain this time around. They are now available at the side of the meeting on a first come first served basis.

We would like to have an additional Committee member so please if you are interested speak to an existing member. Existing members will be standing again, but may revise some roles.
Sadly as many of you know Clare Wilkins husband Tom died recently. Clare was with him and able to share precious time during his illness. For those of you who never met Tom he was a lovely man, who made up funny poems and always had a friendly word for others. We are holding a collection in his memory at the end of the meeting. Proceeds will go to the British Heart Foundation and Action on Hearing Loss. I know Clare will be grateful for any donation you are able to make.

The Embroiderers’ Guild has been invited to become a lead contributor along with Fine Cell and the RSN in the creation of an embroidered version of the entire MAGNA CARTA Wikipedia page on the web.   
  1. ‘Expressions of Interest’ should be sent to Annie Franz by email only… by 22nd August 2014 latest. We appreciate completely that many branches will have ceased meeting for the summer break so we can only ask that you do your best to pass on this email to those who may be interested.

  1. ‘Expressions of Interest’ need only be brief… Name, Membership Number, Region, credentials and an image of a recent piece of work. Type - Magna Carta – Your Name – Membership Number - Your Region in the subject line of your email to Annie Franz.

  1. The names of members who express an interest will go into a draw to be conducted wc 25th August 2014.
Copies of the email are on the side for more details.

Workshops Please see Margaret Richards tonight and sign up for an interest in the September mini workshops. She will email you with details once they are firmed up. Places also available for Greta Fitchett in November please sign up.

Finally we hope you all have a wonderful summer and please, if you can, come to the celebration of stitch at Birmingham Library on August 2nd. Please if you can sign up with Anne Haigh today to come for some of the time. She will email you ( or call if no email) as soon as we know what Library have agreed to in more detail. 

Bernadette Wilkinson on behalf of the committee

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