Thursday, 31 January 2013

Stitch of the Month January 2013: Wheatear Stitch

The stitch of the month for January is Wheatear Stitch, a lovely linear stitch that add great textured lines, and is useful as wheat, grasses, or undersea plants, and it also looks lovely used less literally.

Craftster Hoopla Swap R4 To Kanawinkie (8)
I've used wheatear stitch as seaweed, in lots of lovely textured threads, on this hoopla picture.

Wheatear Stitch (TAST 2012)
Book Cover by Smallest Forest on Flickr
Here, wheatear stitch has been used to embellish this lovely book cover, in toning rows of embroidery thread.

tast 2012 #17: wheatear stitch

Wheatear is also a stitch that works well on counted fabrics, and in this piece, HGK Handmade has experimented with a number of variations.


Isolated wheatear stitches also work well as single units, as in the red stitches on this dragon.

Anthriscus finished detail (3)

And Magpie's Laundry has used massed wheatear stitches to good effect in this picture of an anthriscus plant.

We'd love to see how you have incorporated wheatear stitches into your embroidery.

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