Wednesday, 10 October 2012

How to use this Blog - Part 2: The Update Emails

Hello! The next installment in our guide to getting the most out of this blog covers the update emails. If you've already subscribed to receive updates, then you will receive an email that looks like this when a post is made:
Sample Email

You can either read the blog post in your email inbox, or click the title of the post ('Then, Now and Yet To Be' in the above example) to take you to the blog, where you can view the latest post and look through older articles.

You may find that the pictures are not showing up in the email. If so, and you want to view pictures, you need to look for a link that says something like 'Display Images', and click it.
Display Images

If you always want to view images in blog emails, there may be an option that says 'Always display images...' Selecting that option will ensure that images from the blog are not blocked in future.

Finally, while we hope that you find the blog interesting and informative, there may come a time when you want to stop receiving update emails. To do this, find any update email, scroll to the bottom, and click the 'unsubscribe now' link:
You may need to confirm that you wish to unsubscribe. If you select the link by mistake, don't worry, just go back to the blog and follow the sign up process again.

That's all for the latest installment in helping you get the most out of the blog. Coming up tomorrow is Part 3: Finding Specific Posts

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