Weekly news round-up 8th February

Hi Everyone

February  meeting - change to the start time.

Don't forget that our speaker, Nikki Parmenter, will be starting her talk at 7pm next Monday, 11th. 

Refreshments, raffle, sales table etc will be done after Nikki has finished so she can get away at a reasonable time to travel home to Cheshire.
Nikki with one of her beautiful mixed media pieces

Out and about - Living in a Bacterial world

Last week Heather was in Oxford and while there visited the Bacterial World exhibition at the Natural History Museum. As an experiment, personal items such as keys, coins and jewellery belonging to earlier visitors had been pressed onto agar plates in Petrie dishes and then grown in a laboratory environment.  In a fascinating (and unusual) fusion of science and art, the resulting colonies were then printed and transformed into crochet pieces by artist Elin Thomas. The artworks are on display until 28 May 2019. Thank you to Heather for the photos.

Day Schools  

The new revised requirements list for the Jude Lovatt 'Printing with Stitch' workshop on February 23rd is here on the blog. 

See Margaret on Monday if you would like to book on this workshop. It's sure to be fun. 

Click on the link to see Wolverhampton Embroiderers' Guild enjoying their printing day with Jude.

See you all on Monday.

Bye for now! 


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