Thursday, 6 April 2017

Requirements lists - workshops May and June

Anne Haigh May 27 - Canvas Work:
You can use any colours you have in your stash to create your own colour scheme and I’ll also show you an easy way to add colour to white canvas.
You will need:
  • Sewing kit including tapestry needles – size 16, 18, 20, 22 and 24 are good sizes, scissors etc.
  • Threads: e.g. stranded cotton, soft cotton, tapestry or crewel wool, perle threads, thicker metallic threads, funky threads etc. Choose a favourite colour scheme, any colour scheme will work. e.g. a rainbow, shades of a single colour, complementary colours, primary colours, monochrome.
  • Canvas if you have it - 10, 12 or 14 count will be best . A piece about 8 x 10inches (roughly A4) will be plenty but you can work smaller e.g. travelling book size – but allow space to hold the canvas while you work.
  • A hoop or frame and clamp/stand to hold it if you prefer to work with a frame. Siesta frames are good for canvas work and if you’re at the NEC on 16-19th March you will be able to find them you need two pairs of bars to make a square. E.g. 8” and 10” or smaller sets if you want to work on a smaller piece. You will need drawing pins to attach the canvas to the frame. (I have no affiliation to Siesta frames – but like them because they are cheap but good. 8x10 set is £3.50 according to their website.)
  • Coloured Pencils or felt tips, if you have them but not essential.
  • Masking tape to bind edge of canvas
  • Baking Parchment
  • If you have a stitch reference book e.g. The Stitch Bible then bring that but I aim to have handouts of the stitches for you to follow.
  • Notebook and pen if you want to take notes
I will bring with me some threads and canvas as well as materials for the design/colouring canvas. I would appreciate a contribution to the cost of these materials if you use any. Maximum will be £5.

 Mikala Gyetvai  Experimenting with threads and fibresJune 24:

A sewing kit
A sewing machine for free hand embroidery ( not essential if you prefer hand stitching)
A hand held embellisher tool and brush if you have one ( I have 10 of these available to use that I will bring)
A range of threads machine and hand 
loose merino wool and silk fibres if you have them  (I will bring a selection to use)
Pieces of wool fabric or blanket and calico
A small sketchbook with coloured pencils or crayons, anything you like using to make sketches

Images that inspire you, landscape, still life, figures, abstract...anything!

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