Thursday, 12 January 2017

New Year Tale of 2 Members Travelling books and more....

We had a great start to the new year with 2 very different but equally interesting stories of members lives in stitch, as Bernadette said in the introduction this is always one to look forward to and we were not disappointed!

We heard first from Marion Hilbourne who talked about learning to stitch at school in Torquay and later sewing for her family, progressing to kits and then her undoing as she came across the Embroiderer's Guild from where she has taken inspiration, joining many day schools and attending classes.  There were many delightful examples of Marion's work for us to enjoy and aspire to.
Marion also reminded us that embroidery is not a craft but an Art Form.

Next came the Heather Ramsden -Fletcher who told a different story of being inspired by her father and after her textile GCSE (not a total success!) did little in stitch until discovered cross stitch.   Heather has never limited herself in her journey in textiles and has dabbled with knitting, crochet, felt making and a embellishing machine as  well her favorite ornament - a spinning wheel!

Heather told us about her work with Hilary Beattie, working from sketch books and developing her stitch through this form.  With her 5 year plan we look forward to seeing what will be coming in the future......

Meriel told us about travelling bools and those that have signed up now have a list of contact details for those in their group so they can keep one another informed if they are not able to attend a meeting and make arrangements to pass the books on.  Also please remember to sign your work either on the work itself or on the page in the book.

If you are interested in helping on one of the Guild stalls at Fashion Embroidery and Stitch in March make sure you contact Clare to sign up.

We have started Stitch of the quarter and many members took printouts and we look forward to seeing examples of work produced in travelling books and at future show and share.

Show and Share will now happen every month and we had a good start with these examples ...

Marion Brown produced her own mini exhibition including last months competition  runner up  (by a casting vote) of the Bull in Costume. 

Remember to bring along your work to share at future meetings.

This months raffle was red - thanks as usual for the great donations and lovely bag, with one to follow.

And some members enjoying the meeting

See you for the next meeting on February 13th when we are joined by Richard Box and the raffle is Orange.  We will be at the library as usual on Saturday 4th.

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