Sunday, 15 May 2016

Making Silk Paper

 Margaret has agreed to share her recipe for silk paper with us. 

Health Warning this process can become addictive!

The secret recipe is;


  • Silk threads or silk waste.
  • Wallpaper paste or PVA
  • 2 pieces of net (old curtains are ideal)
  • Piece of bubble wrap.
  • Table protector
  • Cling film.
  • Scissors and four clothes pegs


  • Put table protector on table, with bubble wrap, bubble side up.
  • Place one piece of net on bubble wrap
  • Spread silk threads over the net to desired thickness

  • Place other piece of net on top
  • Rub in paste, it is like wet felting (If using wallpaper paste, mix it beforehand.mix for about a medium weight paper for PVA dilute by about 10% with water)

  • To make sure that all the threads are soaked, paying particular attention to edges. 
  • When you are happy they are all wet, turn over both pieces of net, with the threads in between and rub from the other side.
  • When thoroughly soaked, peel off top net. Spread cling film over the threads and press down. It is a good idea not to make your silk paper wider than the cling film, otherwise you will have difficulty lifting it off.

  • Turn over the cling film, with the threads and bottom net, and carefully remove the second net. 
  • Rub your hands lightly over the silk to make sure it is wet. It shouldn't stick to your fingers.
  • Put a clothes peg on each corner of the cling film then you can carry it to wherever you are going to dry it. 

  • Be careful if you put it on a line as the weight of the wet silk can drag it off the cling film.
  • If you are drying it in the sun, it will take a couple of hours to dry, if you are drying it without heat it may take 24 hours.

When finished you can use this new fabric paper to embellish your work, stitch or weave into it or why not experiment drying it shaped to make bowls or dishes (don't try your cereal in them though 
 not guaranteed to be waterproof or suitable for dishwasher oven or microwave). 

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