West Midlands Regional Day - More Details

As you are aware, the Birmingham Branch is hosting the 30th West Midlands Regional day, on the 18th of June, at Portway Lifestyle Centre in Oldbury.

There is an extensive website to give you all the information about the day here: http://westmidsregionalday.weebly.com/

The competition theme is "Within Your Footsteps: within 1000 Footsteps Of Your Door". The maximum size (including frame) for 2D entries is A3 size (29.7cm × 42cm, or 11.7in × 16.5in); if your entry is a triptych or diptych (or composed of multiple parts), the whole piece must fit within this A3 size, including frame. There are no restrictions on the size of 3D entries.

We do need members of Birmingham Branch to volunteer to help put the day on - this will be discussed at tomorrow's branch meeting.

If you have any queries, please see Heather, Tina, Clare, Meriel or Margaret at a branch meeting.


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