Friday, 18 March 2016

March Meeting and Nicola Jarvis

Today we welcomed Nicola Jarvis who gave us an inspiring talk about her career and most particularly her 2013 exhibition The Art of Embroidery. Who couldn't be excited at having in our midst someone who had worked on the Duchess of Cambridge's wedding lace and the snippetts of information that were imparted there.

Nicola told us of the competition she entered 'Inspired by Morris'and the journey to the great prize of the 2013 exhibition.  We learned about May Morris - the daughter of William whose work inspired the exhibition and how Nicola produced delightful pictures which she then invited friends to stitch to produce the finished items for the exhibition.

Do visit Nicola's website nicolajarvis to see much more.

Inspired - don't forget that Nicola is running a workshop for us

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