January Meeting Tatile, travelling books and tags galore

Monday was chance to catch up with Travelling books, Tactile Books and Tags.

Members enjoyed looking at the travelling books journey so far and were eager to rejoin and many who hadn't joined in before also became travellers.  We cant wait to see what the next cycle of journeys brings.

We were also able to see the beautiful Tactile  book made by the Edgbaston Group. 

The other groups will now be inspired to progress their own books.
If you want more information or would like to join in with a group contact Elizabeth Parker for more information.

 Members continued working on tags:

We had a Red raffle with the normal collection of booty kindly donated by members.

Next month we have  a Tale of Two Members guest starring Elizabeth Parker and Anne Watts,  the raffle will be Orange. See you on February 8th or before that we will be in the Library Of Birmingham on Saturday February 2nd in our normal spot.


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