Monday, 16 November 2015

Reminder: Landscapes of the Imagination Requirements List

Just a reminder that the requirements list for the Landscapes of the Imagination Dayschool on the 28th of November is:

Landscapes of Imagination           Sarah Burgess

Requirements for students – 


I will bring a range of papers, interfacings, fabric and print media for you to use for a fee of not more than£5 but it helps the individuality and independence of your work if you can bring some of the following personal materials and sources.


• Personal landscape imagery to use as inspiration NOT COPYING – postcards / photos / magazine images / your own sketches / ariel views etc.

We may also use the view from the studio windows (if helpful!)

• Notebook / sketchbook
• Personal text / words – whatever appeals – egphotocopies of poems / songs / tickets / music script / old maps to cut up etc. (please do not photocopy maps!)
• Pin up board – cork board / foam board - 1 x A2 if you have one.
• Scraps and pieces of lightweight papers (whatever you have) handmade / coloured / tissues / newsprint etc.
• Usual art kit to include, black pen, biros, few paint brushes craft knife, paper scissors etc.
• PVA / glue stick /masking tape
• Rubber print rollers -  if you have them
• Latex gloves/ apron / overall (if you prefer to wear one)
• Wet wipes or j cloth
• Cutting mat
• Medium weight calico or similar approx. ½ -1m.
• Pieces and odd scraps of smooth lightweight fabric –recycled / cotton lawn / organdie etc.  – whatever you already have.
• Small selection of scraps and snippets of bright coloured fabrics / lace / prints – snippets selvedges / frayed bits etc.
• Sewing kit, fabric scissors, needles, pins,
• Small selection sewing threads, machine and finer hand threads / stranded.
• Any items you are particularly working with at the moment, e.g. small found items/ beads 
• Plastic sheet to cover your table. Newspaper.


          Best wishes Sarah




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