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Embroiderers’ Guild Birmingham Branch: Meeting Notices November 15


Welcome to tonight’s meeting I am so jealous that I will be missing Pat Trott a real treat of a speaker.

We have had a very positive response to membership renewal thank you to all of you.Please see Anne Haigh or Jeanette if you have yet to renew your membership it is never too late!

The committee are increasingly aware of the significance of the current nationalconsultation. Please read the proposals we have all been sent, your individual response is really important. We realise that for some, perhaps particularly newer members it may be quite hard to get your head around the implications. Other members will have clear views already formulated. As you know the committee will discuss this when we meet on 23rd November. Prior to the committee discussion if you have thoughts or queries you want to share with us in order to inform our discussions please contact Bernadette, Clare or Anne by email or if that isn’t possible by telephone. That will help our discussions be as helpful as they can be, we will feedback at the Christmas meeting. As this is an activity evening rather than a speaker we can allow some time for discussion in Branch if needed. It is however also our Christmas Party, so we will make sure we allow time for fun stitching and relaxing together.

Clare continues to be our link person for the Capability Brown Project. Our branches exhibition time at Charlecote will start on 10th August and go on till 26th or 31st October. We would like to get 25 pieces together including the YE group.

Clare is also coordinating the Makit and Lacit Exhibition in Solihull the weekend on 5th DecemberSee her if you can volunteers to steward or to set up on the Friday afternoon and give her any pieces you have brought tonight. Please make sure you have labelled your pieces carefully with your name and contact details and packagedthem in a way that you are sure will allow their safe transport. Make sure both the packaging and the piece are labelled so they can be reunited at the end. The fair is held at Cranmore Park, Cranmore Avenue, Shirley, Solihull B90 4LE. There is a web site for the venue and for the Makit Fairs. Tickets are £7.50 but if you order in advance and buy two tickets, they are £6.50 there is free parking.

The travelling books cycle is coming to an end and we will organise some feedback at the next committee meeting before we restart in the New Year

Don’t forget to give information to Meriel about potential car sharing for meetings.

Washwood Health Group – The hanging is taking shape with the group and we have 3 more weeks to finish it. Thank you to June, Janet, Anne Watts and Liz for coming along to the sessions.  

Tina Francis has let us know that she is having not one but two articles in the next Stitch – makes us very proud to have her in the branch she will be bringing reduced price kits to Branch Meetings if you are interested in buying one.

Thank you to our tea and coffee makers tonight and thank you for your continuing support for the raffle. December’s colour is gold.

The next meeting is our Christmas party we will be making tags to be attached to goodie bags at the regional event we are organising so that should be fun and may suggest ideas for your own tags over Christmas. Please bring a standard sewing kit, with needles, scissors, and if you want to some small pieces of fabric and toning threads; more instructions will be given on the night. As always the committee will provide mince pies and other goodies to eat and some mulled apple juice. We will also have our Competition the theme is “Put A Button On It” please interpret that as liberally as you want and just join in it is great to see a range of work.

Thank you very much to Heather for standing in tonight hope you have a fantastic time Bernadette Wilkinson on behalf of the committee.


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