Monday, 20 July 2015

Summer Party - July meeting

This month we were joined by Stevie Walker who showed us lots of examples of her lovely work and told us of her experience in stitch which started making dolls and enjoying needle work as a hobby. After moving to Shropshire Stevie discovered Westhope Collage where she quickly signed on for her City and Guilds and now teaches.

We heard about Stevie's inspirations from the wonderful local Shropshire landscape and her favourite artists including Samuel Palmer, Spencer gore, Gustac Klimt's landscapes, Egon Schiele, the Pre-Raphaelite and Philip Hughes.

Stevie loves sketching and photographing scenes that she then interrupts fro her work, exploring different methods including using soluble film, hand and machine stitch and machine felting.

More recent work from Stevie includes Lino cutting, machine line drawing making peg dolls and she is enjoying working in collaboration with her daughter Ellie.   

Those lucky enough to be going to our summer school at Westhope were able to chat to Stevie about the weekend and the work they will be doing.

Members work for the Summer Competition

And the raffle prize was......

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