Monday, 27 April 2015

CoCo Mad July 4th

CoCo Mad has become an established date in our calendar. It is a great time for the Guild to join in with the local community.  We share our joy of stitch with the young and not so young. We often hear 'I used to sew but not any-more' which is a great opener to reignite the spark.

It's a great day to show off our bunting

We have seen new members join us and lots of kits taken away to 'have a go' so who knows where that has led.

CoCo Mad also allows us to raise funds for the branch which has an important effect when it comes to branch membership and purchasing items such at the PA system and items for the branch library.

This year we will again be selling kits for all ages, and have added new ideas including a lucky dip and 'sew lucky bags' which will contain items including a needle and thread and a lucky penny .  

We also hope to be selling items donated by members.  Small pictures are particularly popular as are items such as purses and decorated note books. We will again cap the price at £5 so please think of this when you decide on items to donate.  If you have items to contribute please bring them along to the May and June meetings.

We are also looking for volunteers to spend an hour or so on the stall.  If you can commit to a time please add your name to the list at the meeting so that we can ensure sufficient members at all times. If you are not sure of a time then just come a long on the day to join in.

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