Thursday, 30 April 2015

May 2nd at the library - NOTE new opening hours!

The Library has new opening hours so if you normally arrive early 

you will not be able to get in until 11 am

It's library time again and we  are in our normal spot  on the Mezzanine floor above the library cafe from 11 am until about 2 pm,  Everyone is welcome to join us to  bring any stitching projects you are working on whether you need a bit of help or encouragement or just want to join in the social event and carry on with your project. We will have felt, binca and other activities for both adults and children.

Even if you can only make it for an hours or so do come along to catch up, have a chat and a stitch.

Monday, 27 April 2015

CoCo Mad July 4th

CoCo Mad has become an established date in our calendar. It is a great time for the Guild to join in with the local community.  We share our joy of stitch with the young and not so young. We often hear 'I used to sew but not any-more' which is a great opener to reignite the spark.

It's a great day to show off our bunting

We have seen new members join us and lots of kits taken away to 'have a go' so who knows where that has led.

CoCo Mad also allows us to raise funds for the branch which has an important effect when it comes to branch membership and purchasing items such at the PA system and items for the branch library.

This year we will again be selling kits for all ages, and have added new ideas including a lucky dip and 'sew lucky bags' which will contain items including a needle and thread and a lucky penny .  

We also hope to be selling items donated by members.  Small pictures are particularly popular as are items such as purses and decorated note books. We will again cap the price at £5 so please think of this when you decide on items to donate.  If you have items to contribute please bring them along to the May and June meetings.

We are also looking for volunteers to spend an hour or so on the stall.  If you can commit to a time please add your name to the list at the meeting so that we can ensure sufficient members at all times. If you are not sure of a time then just come a long on the day to join in.

Saturday, 25 April 2015

April meeting Yurts, Kaks and Yoghurt with Jane Davies

We had a busy meeting with the introduction (well almost) of our new PA system, talking about booking for Westhope,  catching up about the Art Van Gogh workshop and the Regional AGM that some of us were lucky enough to attend.

We then had an interesting and amusing talk from Jane Davies about her adventures with her mother in Kyrgyzstan.  We saw lots of pictures both on the slides and the mental images Jane created in our minds - the facilities in the yurts being particularly vivid! 

We learned about the construction of the yurts - covered with felt and we were delighted to know about the mechanical device for rolling the fleece.  We saw examples of the traditional patterns used for decoration and the inlaid method which is replicated in smaller items including the lovely hat below.

 hat with traditional design

 Souvenirs from Jane's adventure
 Samples of Jane's work using techniques seen in Kyrgyzstan

This month we had our Green Bag Raffles and her are the bags and prizes - I love the apple!

Next month we will be meeting on May 11 and the raffle will be blue so do bring some thing along sewing related or not.  It will be a members meeting to look at travelling books along with a stitch of the month activity for inspiration so bring your sewing kit.

Friday, 17 April 2015

April Notices

Birmingham Branch Notices April 2015

Welcome to tonight’s meeting and a warm welcome to Jane Davies who will be telling us about her textile adventures in Kyrgyzstan personally I can’t wait.
National AGM: Our exhibition took pride of place on the stage and we were well represented as a branch. You will receive information from the Guild itself but the special general meeting to discuss the changes in structure is being held on 20th June in Birmingham Claire Wilkins is going so you proxy votes can be given to her or sent to the Guild as explained in their information. Some other news from the AGM is that next year’s competition title is ‘Looking Through’ please think about entering it is always good to see our branch members work on the national stage. Also the national guild is not raising their membership fee for next year – every little helps as it says on the adverts’!
Regional Day is happening on Saturday 20th June 2015,10 till 4 pm, Leaminton Spa. The Madeira Lecture is by Nicola Jarvis on Goldwork and the competition is All that Glisters is Not Gold. The Young Embroiderer’s Competition is Bright and Shiny. Today is the last Day you can book to go and make payment please see Clare if you are interested.
The list for individual members who are willing to lend their own equipment is up and running please have a look and add items you can lend if you would like to. We have added wood blocks to our stock of DVDs to lend hope you enjoy using them.
There is a group order for Art Van Go being organised details have been on the blog but do let us know tonight if you want to add anything to the order
Thank you all for supporting the raffle and the colour for May is Blue so please bring a contribution in that colour if you can to the May Meeting.
Mays meeting is looking at our travelling books so far finding out more and a chance to join in and become part of a group. We will be sitting and discussing this so we have a chance to mingle. Please bring a basic sewing kit and threads if you can. We will have materials available as well and will have a chance to stitch around the theme of our stitch of the month. Those of us who have started the travelling looks are really enjoying them and it is always good to stitch together so should be a lively evening.
Don’t forget our Saturday Day Schools and see Margaret if you are interested in any of them. There is a small group day on Dyeing at Margaret’s house on 24th April with Betty one place left if anyone is interested please see Margaret.
West hope this weekend will be taking place in September 18th to 20th Tutor is Stevie Walker and it is a hand embroidery weekend. Stevie has suggested three topics for us to choose from for the theme of the weekend: Saxon Samplers, Folksy Hand Embroidery on Felt and Hand Stitch Mark making. Anne has more details for anyone interested in the topics. The list to go is filling up and we want to make sure that as many places as possible are taken up so please see Anne Haigh for more details if you are interested.
Westhope can sleep up to 16 people in a combination of 5 single rooms, 4 twin rooms and 1 sleeping 3 people. Probable fees are if we can fill all 10 bed rooms as singles then costs are £290 for the weekend. If people are prepared to share then with 15 people its £193. This includes tutor costs and all meals drinks etc (we usually between us bring some wine and chocolates too). It is in a wonderful setting with a chance for a lovely country walk to start the day and then stitching chatting all day. Again transport will be coordinated for anyone who wants to come but is worried about driving
Regional Day 2016. The planning group are making amazing progress. At our December meeting we will be introduced to making handmade gift tags to attach to our goody bags for visitors. We may also organise a day school with the speaker the following day so watch this space! If you have ideas, suggestions or pitfalls to beware of please speak to Heather, Clare or one of the planning group.
Branch Survey Anne and Heather have purchased a PA system, will be tried out tonight.
Beautiful Birmingham Project we want to be involved with this watch this space for more information in due course
Clear Vision: as you know we got off to a good start last meeting and those involved are very enthusiastic. At future meetings we will have a table in reception to show progress and to give other members a chance to consider joining and making their own book.
CoCoMad July 4th. There is a list at the side for volunteers to help staff the stall please sign up for one of the time slots if you can. Please bring any contributions for the stall to a meeting before then. We need small items to sell and contributions for a children’s lucky dip any little things you have made that would be suitable for a child. We won’t be charging much so only small items thank you.
Sales table has got a bit tired so please tonight take anything you want and leave a small contribution if you can as we will then be having a clear out. Please bring contributions for a sales table to future meetings as usual we will limit the number of times that we bring all the items collected so we have a chance to gather together some better stock.
Hope you really enjoy tonight.

Bernadette on behalf of the committee    

Friday, 10 April 2015

Addition to Branch Library: Woodblock Stamps

The Committee have recently purchased some woodblock stamps for members of the branch to borrow from the branch library.

We have got three sets, each containing 9 or 10 stamps, with at least one main stamp in the set, and smaller coordinating ones.

Set A, butterflies:
Set B, dragonflies:

Set C, peacock:

Each set comes in a drawstring bag, showing you the stamps in the set:

As well as stamping with them, they look really nice as a rubbing block, under a piece of paper or fabric:

For more ideas on how to use them, take a look at the Colouricious website.

If you do borrow the blocks, please see this page on the Colouricious website for more information on how to clean and care for them.

The stamp sets will be available to hire from the April branch meeting.

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

April Branch Meeting - Yurts, Kaks and Yoghurt with Jane Davies

At this Monday's branch meeting (April 13th), we will be welcoming Jane Davies to talk about 'Yurts, Yaks and Yoghurts', about the little known Central Asian state of the Kyrgyz Republic - with its beautiful countryside and traditional crafts of felt work. Here, for centuries people have constructed their round 'yurts' or dwellings from felted wool. These needed to be easily assembled and transported as the animal herders moved to new pastures.

Jane Davies' Felt Inspired By Kyrgyzstan
We have been informed that roadworks are due to commence on Linden Road at the junction of Cadbury World with 3 way temporary traffic lights on Monday 30th March 2015 for approximately 2 weeks - so these may still be on for April’s meeting. You might want to allow extra time for travelling to the session if you travel this way.

If you're new to the Guild, visitors are welcome, and the first session is free, with a charge of £4 thereafter. Please see here for details of where we meet. See you there!

Saturday, 4 April 2015

Shopping at Art Van Go

Did you attend the Art Van Go workshop and miss out on the shopping or would you like the chance to buy in a group order to save on  P&P?

At our meeting on Monday 13 April we will collect up a group order.  

If you are interested go the the website AVG shopping site  at

Make a careful  note of your order including the volume, colour & price and a bring a cheque for
the correct amount made payable to the Embroider's Guild Birmingham (we can only order items
with full payment) you can then add it to the order form on Monday evening. 

 Let us know what you think - do you want to make this a regular opportunity for members and which sites you would like to include in future at

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Easter Saturday at the Library of Birmingham

For Easter Saturday we are in our normal spot  on the Mezzanine floor above the library cafe from 11 until 2. Everyone is welcome to join us.  You can bring any stitching projects you are working on whether you need a bit of help or encouragement or just want to join in the social event and carry on with your project.  If you have nothing ongoing we will have activities for both adults and children.

Even if you can only make it for an hours or so do come along to catch up, have a chat and a stitch.

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

National EG AGM - 11th April - Additional Information

Information about the National AGM, which is taking place at the Library of Birmingham on the 11th of April, has been sent out to ticketholders by email. The key information is below, however please see your own email for further information and attachments. Attendance is for ticket holders only, so you should have already purchased a ticket if you wish to attend.

The Programme for the day is as follows:
09.15     Doors open
09.45     Welcoming address
10.00     Speaker – Bobby Britnell
11.15     Break
13.00     Lunch Break
13.45     Awards ceremony
14.30     Break
14.45     Speaker – Jane E. Hall
16.00     Closing remarks
16.15     Return home
The complete programme of events will be held in the Studio Theatre located to the left of the Main Entrance
Please note the following information to help ensure your day runs smoothly:
• We will be issuing badges when you register for the AGM which will also act as your ticket to the event – please ensure you wear these at all times.
• If you are a Proxy for one or more members, please inform the staff on the registration desk on arrival.
• A tea & coffee station will be situated outside the Studio Theatre where you will be able to get refreshments between the following three times on arrival: 9.15 to 9.45am morning break: 11.15 to 11.30am and afternoon break: 14.15 to 14.30pm – Please be aware that the refreshment station will be very busy and to help aid swift service your badge needs to be clearly visible. The café will also be open – it is located close to the Studio Theatre to the left when you leave the theatre.
• You are not permitted to consume food in the Studio Theatre, however you are allowed to take unfinished drinks with lids into the room.
• You will be able to buy some lunch at the Library Café if you wish which is on the ground floor. It serves a range of quality eat-in and takeaway food made from British ingredients, simply prepared and changing seasonally. Extra seating is available on the mezzanine level, overlooking Centenary Square. The Discovery Café on Floor 3 is also open during peak times, with a selection of freshly prepared deli sandwiches and hot and cold beverages. Please be aware that it will be very busy around lunchtime and there is only a 45 minute break between lunch and the start of the Awards Ceremony. Therefore we would advise you to bring along your own lunch if possible. Please note food may only be consumed in the Lounge areas on each floor. Vending machines for cold drinks and snacks are also available in the Lounge areas.
• There will be a copy of the AGM Minutes 2014 available for all members. In addition there will be a limited number of copies of the Accounts and Special Resolution briefing document available for those who need them.
• Proposed Articles of Association. These are available on request from EG House and/or can be read or downloaded from the Guild website
• We will be holding a raffle with the draw being held at the end of the day (any unclaimed prizes will be sent on from EG House)