Friday, 6 March 2015

Westhope 2015

We are now making plans for our autumn trip to Westhope Craft College this autumn, on the 18th to 20th September, with Stevie Walker as our tutor.

Stevie is propsing a range of hand embroidery topics, with possible themes being Saxon Samplers, Folksy Hand Embroidery on Felt and Hand Stitch Mark making, details of which will be available from Anne in the near future.

Westhope is a wonderful old house, absolutely choc full of fascinating art, including lovely textiles in every room, and a beautiful garden. Dinner is marvellous, with lots of fresh local produce on offer, and the opportunity to learn new skills with friends in a relaxed atmosphere.

The Gardens

The house is full of beautiful and interesting objects

One of the lovely light classrooms where we will be working.

There is textile art over all of the walls

And fabulous stained glass

A sitting room full of books on a range of art and craft topics

Simply a wonderful place.
To find out more about the house and what we got up to last time, see these posts from our last trip there. (You will need to scroll past this post at the top of the list)

We can accommodate up to 16 people in a combination of 5 single rooms, 4 twin rooms and 1 sleeping 3 people. There are two double bed rooms if someone wanted to bring a partner/spouse.
Prices for the weekend will range between £193-£290, with the cheaper prices being available if people are willing to share rooms.

If you are interested in signing up, or would like more information, please see Anne at a branch meeting.

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