Monday, 16 March 2015

Requirements List - Tantalising Textile Tag Books with Angie Hughes

We are looking forward to Angie Hughes's workshop on the 27th of June. The requirements list for the session is below:

  • Something to make the base out of, pelmet Vilene, about ½ metre (Angie will have some for sale)
  • A few scraps of colourful fabric for the base and decoration, Angie's are hand dyed and printed
  • A nice central image, Angie's was an elephant from an Indian miniature painting Angie found on the net; she will have some to choose from
  • A price labels and brads
  • Some letter blocks and stamping pad
  • Starry Sequins, beads things to decorate
  • Bondaweb and baking parchment
  • Iron and board
  • Hand sewing threads and twinkly cords (there’s a little bit of machining but you can use Angie's machine for this)
  • Sewing kit, scissors etc.
Angie will bring everything else we need.

For a downloadable list, click here.

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