Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Stitch of the Month: Chain Stitch

This month's Stitch of the Month is Chain stitch. If you're not familiar with our Stitch of the Month, which has been having a bit of a break, a stitch is chosen each month, and members are challenged to make something using it, or find some previous work which utilised the stitch, and bring it to the next branch session.

Chain stitch is an interesting one to work. While it's simple in its execution, indeed many of us may have worked it at school, or as one of our first embroidery stitches, it works well either as an outline or filling stitch, and it also looks good scattered around as a detached seeding stitch.

If you're not familiar with the stitch, or want a bit of a refresher, take a look at Sharon B's Stitch dictionary, or Sarah's Hand Embroidery Picture Dictionary. Sharon B also lists other stitches in the chain family which you might want to try.

Here are some examples from the internet of what people have done with chain stitch:

The Colours of Life: by WiredWitch on Flickr

Chain Stitch by Viv Denscombe

Chain Stitch on Red: by jacquedavis on Flickr

Keychain: by hetkabinet on Flickr
 What can you do with chain stitch? No matter how large or small, or even whether it's finished, we'd love to see your project next month.

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