Monday, 16 February 2015

Requirements List: Basically Speaking with Art Van Go

We're very much looking forward to the Basically Speaking workshop with Art Van Go on the 28th of March. Here's the requirements list:

An introduction to the basic materials used in surface embellishment, concentrating on the most versatile mediums that can be adapted for all sorts of surfaces - including fabrics. By the end of the day of demonstrations and practical ‘play-times’, everyone should be able to use the materials in a creative and decorative way from a position of understanding.

Please bring with you as many of the following tools as possible (without having to buy any equipment that you wouldn’t normally have) so you can experiment fully

  • Drawing Board (preferably not melamine) or something to pin or stick paper & fabric to (plywood panel, foam-board etc) at least about 14"square, without a frame so it will lie flat and make contact with the table surface.   This is not essential but will be useful for those occasions where you would ideally like a ‘third hand’ to hold fabric in place
  • Old towel or blanket piece to use as a softer surface for printing
  • Waterpots
  • Deep Palette/Yoghurt Pots for mixing.
  • Brushes, Stencil Brushes/Toothbrushes
  • Palette Knife/Small Spatula/Flexible Knife
  • Printing blocks & print-rollers (if possible)
  • Scissors
  • Masking Tape
  • Simple Face Mask – essential if you have sensitivities to dusts and particles
  • Kitchen Roll / Cloths for cleaning, mopping up - essential
  • Old newspapers to protect table tops
  • Selection of Paper pieces (white & black, smooth & textured) – you could use quite a lot of paper as it will be used as practice surfaces, and for taking the last of the paints/inks/dyes etc – we won’t be wasting anything
  • Selection of Fabric pieces (colours as above, but fabrics should be about 12” sq, washed to remove dressing if necessary and ironed so you’re not fighting the crumples!) You will probably need at least 6 of these, but it depends on whether you want to layer up or work on individual pieces.
  •  Plastic sheeting or bags, or cling film, to carry wet fabrics/surfaces home at the end of the day if necessary.
anything else that you would like to use - spray or nozzle bottles, stencils, printing plates, textured items for rubbings, doilies, wide tooth combs etc.   I will also be bringing lots of stuff! …..not forgetting lots of energy and enthusiasm – you will be working through a lot of techniques!!!!
Many other materials (including those you will be trying on the day) will be available for sale from ART VAN GO
For a downloadable file of this list, please click here. This includes contact details for Art Van Go in case you have any queries.

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