Thursday, 12 February 2015

February Notices

Birmingham Branch Notices February 2015

Welcome to tonight’s meeting and a warm welcome to tonight’s speaker Edwina Mackinnon, who should provide all of us with plenty of inspiration.
National and Regional Guild Organisation: The committee have had only positive comments about the new direction and about Stephanie’s comments when she visited. Clare has contacted you via email about volunteering for the show at the NEC in March, have a word with her if you need to know more.
Branch Survey the issue of being able to hear speakers is a priority and Anne and Heather are pursuing options for some PA support as a matter of urgency.
The national AGM Birmingham Library Sat 11th April: our exhibition. If you want to come don’t forget to book your place. We have still not got very explicit information about the exhibition space we will have, but can you please bring a piece you would like to have included to the March meeting. Please clearly label your piece and its wrapping with name address and title of the piece. Because of what might be restricted space we are asking for one piece. The Tolkein piece will also be included.
Regional Day is happening on Saturday 20th June 2015,10 till 4 pm, Leaminton Spa. The Madeira Lecture is by Nicola Jarvis on Goldwork and the competition is All that Glisters is Not Gold. The Young Embroiderer’s Competition is Bright and Shiny. Tickets will be approximately £18, with an optional meal for £8. If you would like to go to the day and the regional days are well worth it, see Clare. We usually try and coordinate to travel together so don’t let worries about that put you off.
Library first Saturday of the Month 11 am hopefully some of you will be able to join us on 7th March. As you know there is some threat to Library funding and there is a protest against this if you would like lobby your MP or local councillor.
The list for individual members who are willing to lend their own equipment is available tonight please use it if you want to get involved with this. If for example you have an embellisher you are willing to lend you would add that with your contact details. Another member could then approach you individually.

Thank you all for supporting the raffle and lots of you have now volunteered for a bag. There are one or two still needed, so please see Lorna. Colours can be found on the blog, or by asking Lorna, but the colour for March is yellow so please bring contribution in that colour if you can to the March Meeting.

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