Saturday, 14 February 2015

February Meeting with Edwina Mackinnon

In February we were lucky to have the colourful Edwina Mackinnon talk to us about her quilts. Edwina demonstrated her work through her delightful quilts which showed how she used a colour palette incorporating a complimentary colour to give it all a zing!

Edwina told us how she dyes many of her own fabrics but also incorporates purchased fabric, creates her own prints, mixes cottons with silk and  man made fabrics as well as using appliqué and bonding.

Getting inspiration from photographs taken on her travels we were all excited to be able to get up close and personal with the beautiful quilts that Edwina had bought along.

This months Raffle prize was an Orange bag - created and won by Clare although she selected to take the smaller bag created by Bev and Angela won the 2nd bag.

The sales table proved to be popular again. Don't forget if you have any pre-loved items to donate do bring them along and hand them to Meriel, it all adds to our branch funds.

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