Monday, 12 January 2015

Raffle Bag Colours - 2015

As you may be aware, we are repeating the raffle bags we did last year for 2015, having a large and a small bag each month. For these, one member decorates a canvas bag according to the month's colour scheme, and we ask all members to bring a small item to contribute to the bag, e.g. some thread, beads, candle, etc. One attendee will win the large bag and one will win the small bag, with the items being split between the two bags.

The colours for this year are:

January - Red
February - Orange
March - Yellow
April - Green
May - Blue
June - Turquoise
July - Pink
August - no meeting
September - Violet
October - Bronze
November - Silver
December - Gold

2014's Silver Bag
There are still a couple of bags left to decorate, so if you are interested, please see Lorna at a meeting. We look forward to a great year of raffles, and thanks for your support.

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