Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Lutradur Workshop with June Parkinson

Are you booked onto Saturday's workshop?

If you are here is a quick reminder of the requirements:

If you did not add your name to the list (most of us did) you need Artist’s canvas (the type that are stretched onto a frame) 8’’ x 20’’   or 12’’ x 16’’ are good sizes. Lutradur; This needs to be 4’’ larger both ways than your canvas.

For everyone: 
Crochet threads or other thicker threads which will be used in the bobbin, several weights if you have them, white or coloured they will be painted afterwards, metallic threads. White machine cotton.
Glitzy snippets of fabric, and  beads [including larger ones if you have any], sequins, cords anything to add texture and glitter under the lutradur layer.
Sewing machine including a darning/embroidery foot if you have one.  Usual sewing kit,

June will have all of the requirements listed below so no problem if you don’t have them.
Acrylic paints, sponges or paint brushes, plastic sheet or newspaper, rubber gloves, apron. Etc. June will have paints and brushes so no need to buy if you don’t have any.
Heat gun if you have one.
PVA glue

Strong stapler suitable for use on wood (Please do not buy one, I will bring one.)

Why not take a look at June's website to see some great examples!lutradur

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