Monday, 17 March 2014

March at the Library

Word is getting around about Come Stitch with Us - there were 10 branch members at the library this month and 7 visitors.Two returned from last month and  two more had seen the blog.

The was a lively and fun atmosphere and one visitor said how she likes the informality of the library sessions. 

We had two visitors from Gloucester branch and a member of Shropshire and the Marches branch stopping by to say hello too.

Anne was making Peruvian braids, Margaret was working on a 3D form (a plastic bag full of rice about the size of a cricket ball), Bernadette was creating a one stitch design inspired by Jan Beaney and Jean Littlejohn, Angela worked on her Blackwork dragon for the Tolkien project,  Clare worked on a piece based on the pyramids, Jackie our visitor from Stourbridge was cutting back an organza layer on samples of layered fabrics whilst Heather carried on with cards for CoCoMad. One of our new visitors was excited to get back into stitching after a long break and was practicing a variety of stitches.  
Our next visit will be Saturday April 5th; it will be lovely to see more new faces.

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