Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Help With Subcommittees

It's a busy and exciting time for the branch, with many projects on the go.

We would like members to consider whether they are willing to join one of the below Subcommittees:

CoCoMAD 2014 - helping to build on the success of last year's festival, to make this year's one even better.

Tolkien Project - helping to develop the stitched pieces created by the branch into a piece suitable for exhibition, and working with EG HQ and the library to organise the exhibition. No need to be a Tolkien fan!

Programme 2015 - helping to take the results of the members survey, along with a love of embroidery and using this to build a diverse programme.

If you're interested please email birminghamembroiderersguild@gmail.com soon, as most Subcommittees are meeting in early March.


1 comment:

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