Friday, 20 September 2013

Sunday at Westhope

Sunday dawned, and with the weather clear, several people hoped to go for a walk, as we had really enjoyed the walk up to the ridge the day before, and the beautiful views from the top over the hills. These hopes were dashed when the heavens opened during breakfast, so instead people took the time to get stuck in to some early sewing.

Dorothy showed us some more projects, including her jacket, where she had used discharge paste to great effect. She also showed us more techniques for machine wrapped cords and braids.

We all set to work using knowledge gained over the past day and a bit, and were so engrossed that we didn't notice the coffee being brewed!

Some people worked on bags, while others created fabulous jewellery and panels.

Here are some photos of things we made over the weekend:

Here is a long shot of everything we made:

And here are the 9 of us, happy after a productive weekend:

We had a wonderful time, thank you to Dorothy Symonds for generously sharing her knowledge and expertise, and to all the staff at Westhope, especially Alison and Liz for really making us feel at home.

We are already looking to the future, and planning our next weekend at Westhope in a couple of years time. I have a feeling that that won't come soon enough! If you're interested in having your own weekend (or day!) away from it all making some beautiful crafts, take a look at their website -

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