Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Summer Fun: Workshop On The Web

This week in our Summer Fun series we are featuring Workshop On The Web. This online magazine publishes four editions a year, and is curated by Maggie Grey.

Screenprinted Fabric by Sherrill Khan, from her Workshop On The Web article
As well as new product and book reviews, the magazine features about 8-10 PDF articles on a number of topics. The current edition includes articles about Bokhara couching, screenprinting, using flowers as a design source, and 3D forms. Each article is very detailed, with full colour pictures. It can be downloaded and read on your computer, and is also compatible with a tablet (such as an iPad) or Kindle/e-book reader if you have one.
For a sample of what is in a typical issue (and some free projects!) see the taster issue.

A 1 year subscription for Workshop On The Web, covering 4 issues, costs £20. To find out more, see their subscription page. You can either subscribe by post, or online, and subscribing online will get you access very quickly, so you can dive right in and start being inspired!

We hope that this has inspired you to pick up a needle and thread, make some 3D forms, or try screenprinting. Look out for next week's installment in our 'Summer Fun' series.

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