Thursday, 9 May 2013

May 2013 Members Session

Just a reminder that this month's Branch meeting is a Members Session, where we will be making items to sell at CoCoMad. If you already have a project on the go, you're welcome to bring that to work on, or if not, we will be making lavender hearts to sell.

Lavender by wsmith on Flickr
If you'd like to make a lavender heart, please could you bring:
  • Sewing kit (needles, pins, scissors, fabric marker/pencil)
  • Some embroidery threads
  • Scraps of ribbon or lace
  • Some buttons or beads to decorate your heart
  • Cotton Fabric (optional - we have lots of lovely pieces left over from kits, but feel free to bring fabric if there is some you would like to use
If you own a pair of pinking shears, we would be most grateful if you could bring them!
Pinking Shears
Pinking Shears by s__i on Flickr

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