Monday, 8 April 2013

We still need spare fabric and threads!

Plans are proceeding well for CoCOMAD, however we still need spare fabric and threads.

We would love it if everyone could donate a spare skein of embroidery thread to go into the cushion kits, and we also need any of the below if you can spare it:

  • 8" or larger pieces of cottons, or easy to use shiny fabrics (non-slippery, non-fray), to be used to make mini crazy patchwork cushion kits
  • Plain white or pale coloured cotton or calico, pieces at least 15" square, to be used for backing cushion kits.
  • Tapestry wool (or smooth knitting wool of a similar thickness to tapestry wool), in bright colours, to be used to make kits and projects for young children
  • Felt pieces at least 3" square, to be used to make felt brooches for people to sew on the day of the festival, (also brooch backs if you have them)
Could you please bring anything along and give to a member of the committee at tonight's meeting.

Thank you for your support!

Embroidery Threads (2)

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