Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Possible Trip to see 'Visual Delights' by the Living Threads Group

Reading Flair machine embroidery magazine this weekend, I discovered a very interesting looking exhibition by the Living Threads group:

Flair Article about the Exhibition

Popular Patchwork article about the exhibition

The exhibition is on in early April, in Long Eaton, which is between Nottingham and Derby, and I am planning to go and see it. Exhibitions are always more interesting if you go with like minded folk, so I would like to see if any other members (or friends!) are interested in going on Saturday the 6th of April.

The exhibition costs £3.50, and includes catalogue and parking. There's also a textile artists shop, and demonstrations on site.

If we were to travel by Train, I suggest that we meet at New Street and catch the train together, then get a taxi (or two!) to the venue, as it is about a mile and a half from the station. The route is a direct line from Birmingham to Long Eaton and the train fare is about £15.50 return, plus a couple of pounds each for the taxi.

Alternatively, if some people are willing to drive, we might be able to arrange lifts from mutually convenient locations, and share the cost of petrol.

To help me organise it, I'd be grateful if anyone who is interested could go and fill in this short poll:

Living Threads Exhibition Survey

Thank you!

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