Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Spare Fabric Needed Please!

Hi All,

As you are probably aware, the Branch are going to be taking part in the CoCoMAD festival in Cotteridge Park on the 6th of July. We had our first subcommittee last night, and we would be very grateful if members could go through their fabric stash and bring any of the following items along to the March or April Guild meetings, if they are spare:
  • 8" or larger pieces of cottons, or easy to use shiny fabrics (non-slippery, non-fray), to be used to make mini crazy patchwork cushion kits
  • Plain white or pale coloured cotton or calico, pieces at least 15" square, to be used for backing cushion kits.
  • Tapestry wool (or smooth knitting wool of a similar thickness to tapestry wool), in bright colours, to be used to make kits and projects for young children
  • Felt pieces at least 3" square, to be used to make felt brooches for people to sew on the day of the festival, (also brooch backs if you have them)
Fabric scraps
Image by Bego Diaz on Flickr
We might need other items in future, which we'll ask for as we make a few more decisions, but that is the things we definitely need for now.

If you have any of these items, please pass them to Heather, Bernadette, Clare or Angela Attwood at the next meeting.

Thank you for your support!

Heather, Claire, Bernadette and Angie
The CoCoMAD subcommittee

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