Monday, 19 November 2012

Stitch of the Month: Cross Stitch

Thank you to Marilyn, who is doing a sterling job producing Stitch of the Month stitches for us all to enjoy.

This month, she has chosen cross stitch, which is a stitch many of us will be familiar with from its uses as a counted stitch, however it can also be used in a free-form manner to great effect.

Despite being quite simple to work, it can be used to build up a beautifully textured surface by varying the size of the stitch and the thread used to work it. It is also useful (along with other linear stitches) to couch down thicker threads/wools:

TAST Week 12 - Couching - Detail
(By Luci F on Flickr)

There are a number of beautiful images which depict Cross Stitch used in a range of interesting ways, however as they are copyrighted, I'm not able to reproduce the images here, so please go and check out these links for some inspirational uses of the stitches:
Cross stitch has a number of variations, including Alternating cross stitch, Rice stitch, Double cross stitch, Long arm cross stitch and Montenegrin (Links all go to Sharon B's stitch Dictionary)

Have you used cross stitch in your work, either counted or free-form? If so, please share a picture with us, either here or over on our Facebook group. We look forward to seeing how you get on!

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