Monday, 26 November 2012

January 2013 Session - Members Making Evening - Ideas Needed

During 2013, the branch are hoping to participate in a number of local festivals, leading embroidery workshops and selling items to raise money for Branch Funds.

We are planning to kick start this process by dedicating our January meeting to gathering ideas of embroidered items that members could make and contribute to a stall for the branch.

We need your support with this! Could you please have a think about some projects that you could make, that would sell for £10 or under, and would be willing to make for the Branch? In January we would like people to bring along their idea and the resources to start making them.

Therefore, if you have an idea, could you please bring along to the January session:
  • Any examples you have of the finished item you would like to make
  • The materials to make the item
  • If it is a small item (e.g. a brooch, greetings cards, etc.) enough supplies to show someone else how to make it, so they can sit with you and create one/some
Could everyone please bring:
  • Sewing kit (needles, thread, scissors, embroidery hoop if you use one)
  • A small selection of fabric (e.g. cotton, felt, sheers) and embellishments, if you have them to hand
We are aiming to do our first festival in late Spring/early Summer, so we really need your help to make sure we have a lively and engaging stall that helps people see the wide range of fantastic skill within our group.

Thank you for your support!

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