Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Volunteers and Committe Members Needed

As well as welcoming Steph Redfern to talk about her embroidery, the next Birmimgham Guild session on the 8th of September will also be our branch AGM, where we will be electing the new committee and discussing the running of the branch over the next twelve months.

There are lots of tasks which go into making a successful branch, from specific roles on the committee (e.g. Chair, Treasurer, Secretary) to volunteers setting up and clearing away at meetings, making the teas and washing up, selling raffle tickets and running the sales table. If you do one of these tasks for the Branch, I would like to say thank you for helping us to have such a lovely enjoyable place to meet, stitch and learn.

If you think you may have a bit of time to spare, could you please speak to a committe member and let them know how you could help. We would like people to volunteer to:
  • Sell raffle tickets at the evening meetings
  • Produce a Stitch of the Month sheet for members to use*
  • Join the tea rota*
* Sign up sheets for these tasks are available at meetings.

We  would also like members to join the committee as a general member, to add their opinions and suggestions about projects, support things like the Summer Party, and generally help make our branch a great place to be. The committee meets about 4 times per year, on a date agreed by all the members. If you are interested in joining the committee, please speak to Janet Molloy or Bernadette Wilkinson at the October meeting.

Thank you!

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