Saturday, 22 September 2012

Bailey Curtis: My Colourful Life In Textiles

At our summer party in July, we welcomed Bailey Curtis to talk to us about her colourful life in textiles - a title that proved to be very apt!

Bailey brought lots of samples of her felted and stitched pieces, and shared the stories of the landscapes and events which inspired their creation. We really enjoyed being able to look at and touch all of her work:

July 2012 Summer Party (37)

Bailey produces many large scale felt wallhangings and pictures, using an interesting process where she joins pieces of her felt and layers of cotton fabric together with cotton machine stitching, allowing her to dye the pieces with two contrasting colours in the dyebath, one dye for the wool and the other for the cotton threads and fabrics.

July 2012 Summer Party (45)

She shared details of her dyeing methods with us, and also brought some sketchbooks.

July 2012 Summer Party (41)

Bailey's work features a lot of textured elements, like wrapped and stitched tubes, making them a delight to touch.

July 2012 Summer Party (39)

Here are more photos of Bailey's gorgeous work:

And finally here's a photo of us all enjoying our cream teas and looking looking at Bailey's embroidery:

July 2012 Summer Party (60)

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