Thursday, 27 September 2012

Acrylic Wax for Image Transfers

Margaret has asked me to pass this tip from Annette on to you all about a way of finishing your image transfers. You can use Acrylic wax to Bring out the detail in your image and add a subtle shine. For my image taken from a boiler, the transfer was a bit unclear, and still looked papery, even though I had rubbed it as much as I felt able:

Acrylic wax on image transfers

The next photo is after the wax has been applied. It is noticeably clearer, and I think, when combined with a good quality transfer will really lift it. The acrylic wax I used is by Crafty Notions, and is available from Rainbow Silks, among others.
Acrylic wax on image transfers


Anonymous said...

Please can you advise me what sort of transfer this is? I don't understand what boiler means. The wax has certainly improved it.

Many thanks
Caroline purbrick

BirminghamEmbroiderersGuild said...

Hi Caroline,

Thanks for your comment, this is an emulsion paint transfer - googling may well turn up instructions on how. The members of Birmingham Embroiderers' Guild learned how to do these transfers on a workshop with Annette Emms. Acrylic wax gives the transfer a subtle sheen.
(the image is a photo of a train boiler, hence the mention of a boiler. You don't actually need one to do the transfer)