Tuesday, 10 July 2012

WM Regional Day 2012

On the 23rd of June, several members of the Birmingham branch went to Shrewsbury for the West Midlands Regional Day.

Several branch members had produced entries for the 'Our Shared Industrial Heritage' competition, so our first stop was to drop off our entries:

Janet M's embroidery, 'Travelling On', was started at the Polish Rhapsody dayschool, and was inspired by her recent canal boat holiday:
WM Regional Day Shrewsbury 2012 (7)

Bernadette's embroidery 'From Steel To Stitch', was about making the link between the pen nibs and needles manufactured in Birmingham, and the women who used them:
WM Regional Day Shrewsbury 2012 (2)

Margaret created a book, taking us through the industrial revolution, including the men who pioneered the technological developments, the technology itself, and the effects on the people who worked in factories, including the children whose lives were affected:
Show and Tell 2012-03-12 (13)

Heather's piece, 'Lunarticks', was about the Lunar Society, the men who met once per month, often at Matthew Boulton's home, to discuss science, technology, philosophy and many other subjects:
WM Regional Day Shrewsbury 2012 (3)

Marion's 'Edgbaston Water Tower' is a gorgeous re-imagining of the iconic local landmark. The Lord Of The Rings might have been rather different if this was the tower that inspired Tolkein!
WM Regional Day Shrewsbury 2012 (6)

Betty's cushion, made of gorgeous hand-dyed fabrics, depicts the layout of Spaghetti Junction:
2012-04-23 Show and Tell Betty's Spaghetti Junction Cushion

Lots of people entered gorgeous embroideries of all shapes and sizes, for some more of them, take a look at this slideshow:

The entries were all judged, and the top three were:

Third Place:
WM Regional Day Shrewsbury 2012 (29)

Second Place:
WM Regional Day Shrewsbury 2012 (27)

First Place:
WM Regional Day Shrewsbury 2012 (28)

Later on in the day, we also listened to a talk by Alysn Midgelow Marsden on the topic of 'This Lustr'ed Cloth - Metals in Textiles' Listening to Alysn talk about all the ways she incorporates metals in her work, and the beautiful effects she can achieve, was very interesting. Here's a slideshow with a few pictures of Alysn's work:

We also got a chance to do some shopping, with members buying fabrics for dyeing, felts, wools, metals, books, and lots of other things. There was a lovely afternoon tea laid on for us, a raffle, tombola, book stall and plenty of chance to catch up with old friends and make a few new ones. Thank you to the Shrewsbury & Oswestry branches for their hospitality, and all the hard work they put in to making such a lovely day.

Next year's Regional Day will be on Saturday 22nd June 2013. It is to be hosted by Worcester Branch, at Worcester Warriors Sixway Stadium, WR3 8ZE. The Competition Title is - 'A Story in Stitch'. (2D entries no larger than A3 including frame, 3D entries - 37.5cmx30cm including any display stand).
The morning speaker is Althea Mackenzie, Curator of the Wade Costume Collection, Berrington Hall and in the afternoon the Madeira lecture 'Stories of Stitch Alice Kettle Projects'. It looks set to be a very fun day, hopefully lots of members will be able to go.

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