Thursday, 12 July 2012

Stitch of the Month: Fly Stitch

In our ongoing Stitch of the Month project, this month's stitch is fly stitch:
Fly Stitch Sampler
(by flossbox on Flickr)

SharonB has some instructions for the stitch here, which includes a lot of listed variations:
You could vary this stitch in a range of ways, possibly by beading the tails, tying them down with French knots, changing the length of the tails, there are lots of possibilities!

Fly stitch works well following curved lines:
TAST - Week 8 - Fly Stitch
(by Luci F on Flickr)

You could use it to build up a picture, like these lovely bare winter trees:
01 Fly Stitch - Winter Trees (3)
(by Magpies Laundry on Flickr)

Another great example of using the stitch in context is this lovely hedge, by dytay on Flickr. How about nesting the stitches, like this sample from Kay Susan on Flickr. 

Fly stitch also looks good on a counted fabric - you could experiment with rotating it:
Fly Stitch Sample
(by Aranthe on Flickr)

We'd love ot see what you manage to do - please bring any samples to our September meeting.

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