Thursday, 5 April 2012

Show and Tell March 2012

One of the things we love at guild sessions is seeing the embroidery that people have been doing between sessions, and some marvellous pieces were brought along to our March session.

Show and Tell 2012-03-12 (1)

Margaret has been working hard on pieces for the Regional Day in June, along the theme of Our Industrial Heritage. She has produced a marvellous multi-layered piece, using her PC and embroidery skills, which go through from the great men behind the Industrial Revolution in the region (Matthew Boulton, Josiah Mason, William Murdoch, Isambard Brunel, and many more), on to another layer with their great achievements, and a fabulous third, 'hidden' page which shows the hidden shame of all the children who worked in the factories and foundries, and the illnesses caused as a result of the working conditions. Below is a slideshow of images of Margaret's work - click it to take a look at the pictures:

Margaret also brought along a machine embroidered picture of a beautiful bridge, as bridges are certainly an aspect of how the industrial revolution shaped our landscapes. This piece is totally machine stitched!

Show and Tell 2012-03-12 (16)

Also for the Our Industrial Heritage competition, Marion brought her fabulous interpretation of the Edgbaston Water Tower, in beautiful bright colours, gorgeous texture and sparkling threads. I'd love it if the tower actually looked like this - it would certainly brighten up my walks to work along the Hagley Road!

Show and Tell 2012-03-12 (9)

Show and Tell 2012-03-12 (7)

Bernadette shared a marvellous find a friend gave her, discovered while cleaning out her mother's house. This pack was given to people convalescing after being injured in the Second World War. It included a marvellous letter, instructions, a printed tablecloth to stitch, and threads, and was a wonderful slice of history which we thoroughly enjoyed looking through. Below is a slideshow of images of the pack - click it to take a look at the pictures:

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