Thursday, 5 April 2012

Polish Rhapsody

Last Saturday, 8 members of the Birmingham Embroiderers Guild got together for a Polish Rhapsody day school, led by Angela Thompson.
The day began with Angela introducing us to her gorgeous samples of Polish embroidery, and telling us about her travels around Poland.

Polish Rhapsody 2012-03-31 (9)

She explained her technique, and we spent a very happy morning couching down yarn in our chosen colours, all the while chatting to Angela about her travels.

Polish Rhapsody 2012-03-31 (8)

Here's a slideshow showing how our work started out, just click to start it playing:

The afternoon was spent adding hand stitching and beads to embellish our pieces. This was really enjoyable, as we were able to work freely, following there inspirations that the shapes of the yarn provided, as well as referring to Angela's stitched pieces. Angela helped us all to develop our skills, sharing thoughts and ideas with us as the afternoon progressed. Here's a slideshow showing what we sewed in the day, just click to start it playing:

By 4pm, we had all made good progress on our embroidery, and had a fun, relaxing day. In fact, I've now finished the stitching on my piece, so I'll share pictures of it soon.

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