Friday, 2 March 2012

Four Tragic Tales/Made In The Middle

On Tuesday the 21st of February, several members of Birmingham Embroiderers Guild went to see Stuart Easton's Four Tragic Tales at the MAC. Stuart has created the work as part of his MA in Illustration and Animation at Coventry University.


Stuart wasn't originally an embroiderer, and we felt that he brought an artist's eye to his work. One thing we commented on was that it felt like he knew when to stop stitching - several of us thought we would have probably sewed the entire piece, overcomplicating the work.


His pieces all told interesting, though often thought provoking and disturbing tales of his own creation. They were several metres long, and the story was told in a progression across each piece.



The pieces were accompanied by his line drawings, which were very interesting and detailed:


While we were there, we also went to look around Made In The Middle, an exhibition of contemporary craft from midlands based makers.


We were very pleased to see that one of the featured makers was Zoë Hillyard, who had come to speak to us last year about her ceramic patchwork vessels, which were the pieces featured in the exhibition.


The exhibition included lots of interesting works in a wide range of forms, and we spent a very enjoyable time looking at all of them. Here's some more photos, just click the image to play the slideshow:

We're always interested in going to more textile/craft related events, so if you can think of somewhere you'd like to go, either leave a comment, or arrange a trip and let us know!

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