Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Programme of Events and Workshops 2012

The year started well with last night's 'New Beginnings' workshop, and we have some fabulous meetings lined up for the rest of the year: 
  • February 13th - A Tale of Two Members
  • March 12th - From Angora to Yak with Tereshina Roberts
  • March 31st - Polish Rhapsody Day School with Angela Thompson
  • April 23rd - Inspiration on your doorstep with Angie Hughes - Angie says " As a student I found it hard to find the time to gather ideas for design so I used my local environment, architecture, poets and artists as insiration. In this illustrated lecture I will show my methods translating ideas into textile art. "
  • May 14th - Members Workshop
  • June 11th - Gargoyles, Ghosts and Gravestones with Annette Emms
  • July 9th - Summer Party, My Colourful Life in Textiles with Bailey Curtis
  • August - no meeting
  • September 10th - Members Workshop
  • September 29th - Image Transfer Day School with Annette Emms
  • October 8th - Branch AGM and Themes and Threads with Stephanie Redfern
  • November 12th - Great Grandma's Workbox with Felicity Howartson
  • November 24th - Simple Shapes, Simple Stitches, Experiments with Pattern Day School with Stephanie Redfern
  • December 10th - Group Activity
If you've been thinking about doing some embroidery for a while, or contemplated joining the Guild, hopefully there will be something above to take your fancy. Visitors are welcome to attend two sessions at the price of £4 per session, and then membership is £37 for the year (September to August, paid pro-rata). Day schools are £25 per workshop, if you would like to book onto a day school, please email birminghamembroiderersguild@gmail.com for more information.

We hope to see you soon!

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