Thursday, 26 January 2012

Polish Rhapsody Day School

We're really loooking forward to welcoming Angela Thompson to Birmingham Embroiderers' Guild on Saturday 31st of March. She will be teaching a Polish Rhapsody Day School.

Jane Polish Jacket front

Polish embroidery is a treasure trove of exuberant stitchery. The designs for this day course are based on the traditional stitches, originally worked onto the wool-felt jackets and trousers worn by the men, and the fitted, sleeveless waistcoats worn by the women.  A few years ago, Angela joined a group of embroiderers on a textile study tour of southern Poland, where members were lucky to spend three days learning the art from a local embroidery tutor, while a more recent visit to Poland with the Textile Society, gave an opportunity to explore Museum collections

In the workshop we will be adding stitch worked freely over slubbed or textured yarns first applied to the background or already incorporated with the felt work.  This will give a highly textural effect to the finished work.  The textured yarns are stitched down by hand, or if you prefer, with the use of the Embellishing Machine.

Day Schools cost £25 - if you are interested in booking, please email

Class requirements:
  • A choice of two pieces of background fabric that can be of purchased felt, or your own hand-made felt, not less than 8 inches (20cm) square, or A4 size if preferred.
  • Alternatively, use one of your dye-decorated or printed pieces worked in previous day-schools.
  • Iron-on-Vilene the same size as your backing fabrics
  • A toning combination of slubbed, textured or fancy knitting yarns for couching
  • A selection of stranded embroidery threads in a variety of colours and any Perle threads nos.12, 8 and 5 you already have
  • Sewing cotton or synthetic thread to tone with your textured yarns
  • A few small beads and sequins to decorate the finished item
  • Usual sewing tools including embroidery scissors and a thimble if you use one
  • Different sizes of sewing and embroidery needles, including chenille needles.
  • A stitch book if you have one
  • A notebook and pencil
  • Camera (optional) Images for personal study use only.
Space-dyed thread-packs, courtesy of Jane Davies, will be for sale if required

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