Monday, 30 January 2012

Embroiderers' Guild Members Challenge 2012/13

The Embroiderers Guild are running a national members challenge, taking a 'Parrots and Grapes' panel from the Guild collection as their inspiration:
The panel was stitched in 1900, and includes beautiful satin stitch, chain stitch and soft shading comprised of skilfully placed straight stitches. he challenge is to work a piece of embroidery inspired by the panel, along one of the below themes or categories:

Themes - Members who feel they would like to create a piece based on their interpretation of a theme may wish to select one of three themes below. These entries will be assessed on artistic interpretation.  
Flight - The judges will look for a sense of lightness and movement.
A covering or lid - The judges will look for function and practicality.
Mirror image - The judges will look for precision of the mirror image or a shift that extends the story.

Categories- Members  who are seeking a greater challenge should base their entry on one of the six categories below. These categories are more likely to appeal to more confident embroiderers and will be  assessed on design and technical merit.
A detailed booklet on the development of their piece must accompany their entry.
Art Nouveau - Notice the foliage and characteristics of art nouveau in all its different forms. The judges will look for the essence of art nouveau, for example flowing lines and colouring.
Birds - Notice the exotic birds... Are they imaginary or real? The judges will look for your representation of exotic birds with an emphasis on movement rather than a static portrayal
Vines and Leaves - Notice the tendrils and how they grow together forming a protective Canopy over the arches. The judges will look for your interpretation of protection and canopies.
Arches - Notice the support of the roof or canopy; how light is let in and the creation of silhouettes. The judges will look for your interpretation of structures, self-supporting and supported. 
Strap work - Notice the binding that creates strength, tension and springing. The judges will look for dynamic images, bursting with life, intertwining but not constraining.
Shading - Notice the shading that gives form and sense of movement. Notice the blend of colours. Judges will look for your choice of threads and the quality of your stitching.

For more information, see this PDF, and if you enter a piece, please let us know!

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