Thursday, 24 November 2011

November Workshop -Fusing Fabric 2 with Margaret Beal

We're looking forward to welcoming Margaret Beal this Saturday for her Fusing Fabric 2 workshop.

For members who are coming, the requirements list is below:

Sewing machine
Machine embroidery threads (non-meltable) for example cotton, rayon or silk
Usual sewing kit
Medium size tapestry needle
Large fabric scissors
Soldering iron 240 volts, 18-24 watts *
Medium/ large terracotta flower pot with a drainage hole in the bottom to use as a soldering iron stand
Mains extension lead
Piece of glass about A4 sized, edges covered with masking tape (e.g. Picture frame glass)
Metal ruler 6 inches long, not less than 1 inch wide
Face mask (if you are concerned about breathing in any possible harmful fumes from melting fabric)
Fine wire wool to clean the tip of the soldering iron *
Nylon organza in a variety of colours #
Acrylic felt #

* Note on Soldering Irons
The soldering iron should have a very fine tip; she uses a 0.12 mm tip, 18 watts.

Margaret will have soldering irons available for sale at the workshop, priced at £23.50. If you'd like to order one in advance of Saturday, please call her on 01264-365-102 or email

I've seen Margaret demonstrating before, and she has put the wire wool in a toilet roll tube to make it safe and easy to handle, so it might be worth bringing a spare tube.

# Optional
Margaret will bring a supply of nylon organza and acrylic felt at a charge of £3 per person.

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